How PetPay Works
Securing local and nationwide pet sales/adoptions.

How to Protect Yourself
Follow the steps below and you'll be happy you outwitted John Doe (a scammer).

Create a PetPay Profile

Start off by creating a PetPay account, it's quick and simple. Register Now

Invite Friends, Request References

There are numerous buyer scams, therefore, we request you verify your identity and get friends to vouch for you. Request References

View Pictures, Videos, Fall in Love

You view the cute pictures and videos of the puppies and fall in love with one and decide to adopt. In many cases you may even drive to see the puppy in person.

Secure Transaction

You place a deposit or pay in full for the puppy. **Notify us immediately of any breeders requesting you send them funds directly oustide of PetPay.

Legally Binding Contracts

You and the Breeder ratify the purchase contract and health agreements.

Your Puppy Comes Home!

The moment you've waited for is finally here! You either go pickup the puppy locally or wait for the puppy's flight to arrive.