Code of Conduct Policy

We love our customers, we listen to all feedback and treat every customer like family. Buying a Puppy can be an emotional process for which does require all parties to maintain a level of acceptable behavior. To satisfactorily meet the responsibilities, obligations and expectations from all parties we do require Buyer's abide by our Code of Conduct. You agree to ensure that your conduct, communications and obligations resemble professional courtesy and timeliness that of a responsible adult with regards to our Code of Conduct Policy:

  • Repect all parties involved.
  • Abide by your Obligations as defined herein and within the Health Guarantee.
  • Complete payments on time. Late payments or non-payment are considered liquidated damages as a Puppy has a limited timeframe to find a new home, therefore, the Breeder's expected revenue or funds from the sale and their time stands to be significantly impacted, resulting in unknown damages. A Breeder's damages and/or associated costs are difficult to calculate or to predict, because PetPay nor the Breeder cannot know in advance (1) whether you will pay for the goods or services on a timely basis, if ever; (2) when you will actually pay if you do pay late; and (3) what costs are incurred because of your late payment or non-payment. Therefore, failure to make payments in a timely manner will subject you to Default without recourse.
  • Understand a Puppy's best interest and livelihood will always come first with our Puppy First Approach. We do whatever it takes to ensure the well-being of the Puppy is considered above any human's wants, desires, needs, schedules or expectations even if it causes the human to be slightly inconvenienced. This approach applies to all humans: customer, breeder, PetPay representatives, or 3rd party transporters.
  • Understand and respect our processes and protocols set in place are intricately defined to ensure the well-being of the Puppy first and foremost.
  • Respect the Breeder and PetPay and refrain from addressing any party in a loud, disrespectful, or abusive manner.
  • Maintain control of your emotions, avoid the use of abusive language, profanity, threats, and gestures of ill temper, and refrain at all times from making hostile remarks about any party.
  • Understand any harrassment, excessive harmful demands or threats to any party during the adoption process will result in Default, therefore, Breach of Contract.
  • Understand decisions on the well-being of the Puppy may and oftentimes do impact travel arrangements and such decisions or delays are not grounds for cancellation with recourse.
  • Understand that all communications including but not limited to: email, text (sms), phone, video conferencing are recorded and catalogued.
  • Understand the process of adopting a Puppy is very fluid and delays may occur for which are not grounds for cancellation with recourse.
  • Understand that while you have reserved the Puppy, ownership belongs to the Breeder until you take physical possession of the Puppy. You understand that you are at the mercy of the Breeder and the Breeder's schedule until you take physical ownership.
  • Understand that requests for updated photos or videos takes time out of the Breeder's normal day-to-day life. Understand that not all requests will be granted by the Breeder. Approved requests may take up to 10 days. Breeders prefer to take professional pictures and videos which take significant time. Requests for updated photos for videos is not cause for cancellation with recourse.
  • Understand that weather and climate plays a critical role in the release of a Puppy during warm or cold seasons.
  • Understand that a Puppy can be released from a Breeder with a clean bill of health but experience stress when leaving his/her environment which may trigger the Puppy to have stress induced traits such as diarrhea, cough, parasite flare-up.
  • Understand that parasites are very common in puppies and that is why the administration of dewormers is required.
  • Understand that infractions to our Code of Conduct Policy will be considered warning signs to the responsible efficacy of pet ownership.