Fees Policy

Elaborate puppy scams litter the internet creating a fury of negative press. Thousands of innocent people are scammed out of their money daily. PetPay's solution protects both buyers and sellers by providing methods known to significantly thwart fraud, legally binding, enforceable contracts, Dispute Resolution, and guarantees.

Listing Fees

Sellers: It is free to list. There are no listing fees, subscription fees or recurring fees.

Buyers: It is free browse and contact. There are no subscription fees or recurring fees.

Buyer Service Fees

When you adopt a pet through PetPay, you will be charged a nominal fee for our matching and protection services.

PetPay Fees & Features

No Annual or Monthly Fees $0
PetPay Security 5%
PetPay Contracts & Signatures
Secure Online Checkout
PetPay Checklist
Seller Health Guarantee
Record Keeping
Binding Agreements
Dispute Resolution (optional) $10 (purchased at the time of sale) or $50 per dispute
PetPay Vault Service (optional) $5
PetPay Support: We're here to help!

Certain services available based upon Sellers selected PetPay program.

Seller Service Fees

When you make a sale on PetPay (excluding AssurancePlus), you will be charged $1 per transaction plus a 2.99% payment processing fee. Assurance fees begin at 3.50% dependent on volume. Assurance Plus fees range on a per account basis dependent upon many factors. Assurance Plus allows you to set the price (your share) on a per listing basis. To ensure the integrity of PetPay's marketplace and help protect members from potentially fraudulent activity, Transaction Interference is not allowed on PetPay, and will constitute as "fee avoidance". Members who do not comply with PetPay's policies may be subject to review, which can result in suspension of account privileges and/or termination. Suspended or terminated members remain obligated to pay PetPay for all unpaid fees per our Terms of Use.